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$20 Billion

In emergency department and inpatient care for opioid poisonings

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2.3 million

Fewer needles in the Denver area because of HRAC

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rise in syringe disposal since November 2012

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People in the United States die after overdosing on opioids every day

Imagine wandering through the aisles of your local library, discovering new books with your family. You turn a corner or head to the bathroom and are suddenly faced with a person, crumpled in a corner, overdosing, or worse. It’s easy to distance yourself from the opioid epidemic on the surface. Simple enough to walk away from it, believing it could never intersect with your life. But the reality is that it’s here.

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Harm reduction is the life that happens between drug prevention and treatment for use. Harm Reduction Action Center is the resource that helps people wherever they are on that spectrum of life. As a vital resource for users and community members alike, HRAC has helped clear 2.3 million needles from the streets and parks of Denver. The Center allows people who use and community members to access necessary and life-saving resources that can help drastically reduce the epidemic’s hold on our community.

HRAC keeps Denver healthier and safer with proper syringe disposal, providing clean syringes, access to on-demand HIV/HCV testing, health education classes, street outreach, and referrals to mental health/substance abuse treatment. When you enable HRAC, you have a hand in improving the health of users and your community as a whole.

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